What is a GP Management Plan?

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Disability GP management plans

People with a Disability often experience chronic diseases including diabetes, epilepsy, heart and lung conditions.

These diseases require close monitoring of symptoms and may also need blood tests or scans, depending on your particular conditions.

Regular treatment of these diseases including with a healthy lifestyle and medication may be needed to reduce the chance that you will need to go to hospital.

Some people also need to see Allied Health providers including a podiatrist, physiotherapist, psychologist, exercise physiologist, audiologist or dietician who may be referred to under Medicare EPC referrals or by utilising your NDIS funding depending on your plan.

We also acknowledge that some people with an Intellectual Disability need support from carers to help manage these conditions and we will work with your family members or disability support workers by educating them about your healthcare needs.

Any person who lives with a chronic health condition is entitled to an annual GP management plan through Medicare, sometimes referred to as an EPC (enhanced primary care plan).

The plan allows 5 sessions with the allied health professionals of your choice: podiatry, speech pathology, physiotherapy, diabetes educators, exercise physiology, occupational therapy.

It can be done every 12 months to help ease the cost of accessing allied health to manage your health needs. Our GPs will write the care plan and coordinate the team of professionals you would like involved.

GP Management Plan For People with Physical, Developmental & Intellectual Disability

You can get a GP management plan for physical, intellectual or developmental disability management.

How Will A GP Management Plan Help You?

A GP Management Plan (GPMP) can help people with chronic or disability related medical conditions by providing an organised approach to care.

A GPMP is a plan of action that you have agreed on with your GP.

This plan specifies your health and care needs and establishes the services to be provided by your GP. It also provides the actions you can take to help manage your condition.

A GP Management Plan is created during a dedicated appointment with your doctor. The GP Management Plan is tailored to your health needs and your GP will help you to come up with your goals for managing these chronic conditions.

These goals should be as specific as possible and have a time course in mind for when to achieve these goals by. An example of an initial goal may be to walk for 15 minutes five times a week for a person with Type 2 Diabetes who is trying to lose weight.

Your GP will review your progress towards these goals throughout the year and make further suggestions for improvement along the way.

Continuity of care is very important for anyone with a chronic disease and this is why your regular GP will be responsible for coordinating your GP Management Plan.

If you have an ongoing medical or disability condition, it is highly recommended that you speak with our disability general practitioner to establish your personalised GP management plan. It will help you manage your condition more confidently and effectively.

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