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Our General Practitioners

Dr Raphael Ng


Dr Raphael Ng has worked in the area of Disability Health since 2011. This includes Strathmont Centre, the Centre for Disability Health, as well as Highgate Park Clinic.

His experience extends to caring for patients living in a wide spectrum of disabilities, including Intellectual Disabilities, Acquired Brain and Spinal Injuries, as well as End-Stage Huntington's Disease.

He understands the numerous barriers faced by patients and carers in seeking accessible and appropriate medical services from a standard model of care.

This is what drives Dr Raphael to provide care through Adelaide Disability Medical Services.

Dr Raphael focuses on what matters most for his clients : Continuity, Accessibility and Quality.

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Dr Natasha Elsley


Dr Natasha Elsley is a GP with a special interest in paediatrics, especially in children with complex needs including disability medicine.

Natasha has worked since 2011 in refugee health, with a focus on families and children who require complex care. Through this work and in private general practice, she has gained experience in working with children with a broad range of disabilities.

She completed her residency at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide and has both a Master’s in Public Health and a postgraduate diploma in Child Health. She has recently worked in a paediatric hospital in Uganda providing care to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Natasha’s experiences have given her an understanding of how difficult it can be for families to navigate and access our health system, particularly when a child has complex needs. She is driven to work in partnership with families to make sure their family member receives the best outcomes and care possible.

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Dr Maya Luks


Maya joined the team at Adelaide Disability Medical Services in 2018 whilst completing her specialist General Practice training.

Her passion for providing holistic care to people with an Intellectual Disability was sparked by doing an elective at the Centre For Disability Health in Modbury as a medical student in 2014 and she draws upon her experience with having a family member with an Intellectual Disability.

She has worked At Flinders Medical Centre, the Repatriation General Hospital and Noarlunga Hospital before working in General Practice clinics in all four corners of Adelaide.

Maya enjoys combining her knowledge of Medicine with a flexible approach to thinking and problem solving.

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Adelaide Disability Medical Services is a dedicated General Practice for people living with a physical or intellectual disabilities. Our GPs specialize in the management of a wide range of disabilities.

Disability General Practitioners - Bulk Billed under Medicare

Do you find it difficult and stressful making the trip to see your regular GP due to long waiting times and uncomfortable waiting rooms? Why not experience the difference in attending our clinic.

We specialise in providing medical care for a wide range of disabilities and associated medical conditions. We understand the need for longer consult times to deal with the myriad of issues that can crop up for people living with a disability.

Our GPs are qualified and trained to provide quality healthcare. They have acquired extensive experience working in the Centre for Disability Health, Strathmont Centre and Highgate Park Clinic and have been trained by experienced doctors in the field.

Need a GP management plan or a general consultation with our doctors? Speak to us today about how you can access our services.

Adelaide Disability Medical Services - Join Us.

Are you a GP or allied health professional? Join our team.

We provide medical care to many families in Adelaide and South Australia and need all hands on deck.

ADMS extends a standing invitation to fellow general practitioners to join our team - whether on a full-time or part-time basis.

Acquire a perspective of Medicine that is often neglected - medical disability management. Training will be provided.

Flexi work arrangements and try outs can be negotiated to suit your schedule.

Transcend your profession and serve the community with us. Contact us today for more information.

Why Us?

Passion, Experience and Familiarity with dealing with Disability Health Issues is what differentiates us.

Our practice is all about helping patients cope with their medical conditions and disabilities.

Our doctors are very passionate about what they do and serve patients with professionalism and empathy.

Training Positions for Senior General Practice Registrars Available.

Adelaide Disability Medical Services is proud to offer training positions for senior General Practice Registrars. This is to enable the future generation to develop skills and expertise in Disability Medicine on a rotational basis through GPEx.

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How do I register my interest? Feel free to call our number on (08) 8121 8367 and register your interest with the service. Alternatively you can email admin@admservices.com.au and our team will respond to your enquiry within the week.

Our intake of new clients depends on how heavy our case load is at any given time, and your place of residence. Feel free to call us to see how quickly we can be of service to you.

We will often make a time to meet with you and your caregivers to discuss if we are the right fit for your needs.

New Patient Information Kit

A new client to our service will be provided with an information pack which includes:

• Methods of contacting the service and doctors involved
• Request for preferred pharmacy provider
• Request for information regarding contact details of caregivers, accommodation facility staff and management if appropriate
• A transfer of medical information form to release medical information held with a prior practice
• Contact details for our preferred after hours locum service
• An invoice for our fees – we request this is attended to prior to our first consultation

If you or a loved one need help with disability services, please contact us to get an appointment with one of our general practitioners. Our GPs will provide an individualized management plan.

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