Adelaide Disability Medical Services

Changing The Face Of Disability Health

ADMS fills a niche in the medical landscape of South Australia for people living with a disability.

We aim to provide a dedicated General Practice service to clients who are faced with a disability.

Our Services

- General Medical Services
- General & Annual Medical Review
- Home Medication Review
- GP Management Plan
- and more...

Our Mission

We provide a dedicated medical service to clients who are faced with a disability at our clinic in Mawson Lakes, covering a wide range of medical conditions including:

- Physical & Intellectual Disabilities
- Acquired Brain & Spinal Injuries
- Down Syndrome
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- End-Stage Huntington's Disease

A regular GP is crucial for understanding your health needs. We believe that continuity, knowledge and advocacy is important for delivering good medical care.


ADMS has been established by listening to the needs of people who live with a disability, and their caregivers.

What have you asked us for?
• Care that reflects unique and specialised needs
• Continuity of care by a doctor who is invested in your health needs
• Respect and advocacy
• Experience and understanding
• Professionals who think creatively to achieve results
• A choice to see someone who specialises in your needs

A regular GP is a crucial component in the timely diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. We believe continuity, knowledge and advocacy is the best way to get results.

What is our vision?

We strive to reduce the gap in health care access and inequality. In doing so, we hope to reduce the twenty-year gap in life expectancy for people with disabilities.

We are passionate about educating health care professionals and building strong links with training organisations and the tertiary sector and are proud to offer an Extended Skills Training Post with GPEx, the GP Training organisation in South Australia.

Are You A Health Professional? Work or Partner With Us.

Whether you are a Doctor or Allied Health Professional, there's always a need for your skills.

We work with clients that face a wide range of medical conditions and require fellow healthcare professionals to come alongside us to provide good medical care.

We can discuss a viable work engagement with you including use of our clinic space for your private practice.

Training Positions for Senior General Practice Registrars Available.

Adelaide Disability Medical Services is proud to offer training positions for senior General Practice Registrars. This is to enable the future generation to develop skills and expertise in Disability Medicine on a rotational basis through GPEx.

June 29, 2020
In-home Adelaide Disability Medical Services by General Practitioners

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GP Management Plans for People with a Disability

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April 17, 2019
Appointments - Adelaide Disability Medical Services

Checklist for how to prepare for each appointment

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April 17, 2019

Influenza Vaccines are now available at Adelaide Disability Medical Services

We have received a supply of vaccinations for our clients of all age groups. Patients with eligible medical conditions or those over the age of 65 […]
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