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Disability GP management plans

What is a GP Management Plan?

People with a Disability often experience chronic diseases including diabetes, epilepsy, heart and lung conditions.

These diseases require close monitoring of symptoms and may also need blood tests or scans, depending on your particular conditions.

Regular treatment of these diseases including with a healthy lifestyle and medication may be needed to reduce the chance that you will need to go to hospital.

Some people also need to see Allied Health providers including a podiatrist, physiotherapist, psychologist, exercise physiologist, audiologist or dietician who may be referred to under Medicare EPC referrals or by utilising your NDIS funding depending on your plan.


*Only eligible for existing and regular patients. As approved by their GP.

What is a GP Management Plan?


We also acknowledge that some people with an Intellectual Disability need support from carers to help manage these conditions and we will work with your family members or disability support workers by educating them about your healthcare needs.

Any person who lives with a chronic health condition is entitled to an annual GP management plan through Medicare, sometimes referred to as an EPC (enhanced primary care plan).

The plan allows 5 sessions with the allied health professionals of your choice: podiatry, speech pathology, physiotherapy, diabetes educators, exercise physiology, occupational therapy.

It can be done every 12 months to help ease the cost of accessing allied health to manage your health needs. Our GPs will write the care plan and coordinate the team of professionals you would like involved.

How do I register my interest?

Feel free to call our number on (08) 8121 8367 and register your interest with the service. Alternatively you can email admin@admservices.com.au and our team will respond to your enquiry within the week.

Our intake of new clients depends on how heavy our case load is at any given time, and your place of residence. Feel free to call us to see how quickly we can be of service to you.

We will often make a time to meet with you and your caregivers to discuss if we are the right fit for your needs.

New Patient Information Kit

  • A new client to our service will be provided with an information pack which includes:

    • Methods of contacting the service and doctors involved
    • Request for preferred pharmacy provider
    • Request for information regarding contact details of caregivers, accommodation facility staff and management if appropriate
    • A transfer of medical information form to release medical information held with a prior practice
    • Contact details for our preferred after hours locum service
    • An invoice for our fees – we request this is attended to prior to our first consultation
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Adelaide Disability Medical Services - Disability GP & General Practioner Practice - Adelaide
Adelaide Disability Medical Services - Disability GP & General Practioner Practice - Adelaide

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